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Extract from the upcoming book: The Real Estate Short Sell

An Apology and a Confession

Let me begin with an apology. And perhaps a confession.The Real Estate Short Sell
I’ve hurt a lot of people in my real estate career, especially in my early years; well, entirely in those early years. And although I can raise the defence that I was only “following orders” or that I was “only doing what all agents do” or that I was “young and naïve”, it doesn’t make me feel any better. Indeed, when I look back now at some of the situations in which I found myself, I can’t believe I acted the way I did. So many people got hurt. So many people lost money. So many people were so unhappy. And all because I acted the way most typical agents act. Agents care about themselves more than the sellers or the buyers with whom they deal. The sale comes first, the customer comes second – that’s the way it is with most real estate agents. Any agent who says differently is a liar – or a fool.

To anyone who met me in those early years in my real estate career and who didn’t enjoy the experience, I apologise. I am also sorry about those people who met me and were quite happy with me, but only because they didn’t realise or understand an important point: they could have got a better deal. 

Like most of today’s home-sellers, I had clients who sold their homes and believed they got a high price. And indeed, they did. But what they didn’t realise is this: In most cases, they could have got a MUCH HIGHER PRICE. They didn’t get the price that all sellers are entitled to get when they hire an agent – the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE. They were short-sold and never knew it. Often the amount of that ‘short-sell’ was tens of thousands of dollars. Back then, I didn’t realise how badly I was treating my clients, how much they were losing. Today, with more than 35 years of experience in the real estate world, I feel sick when I look back on my early years.

But let me be clear about something (in case this sounds like the confession of a criminal): At no stage in my real estate life did I deliberately set out to hurt or deceive anyone. When I was doing the wrong thing, I honestly believed I was doing the right thing. Always.

So, what was I doing and what was so wrong about it? And how were so many home-sellers getting hurt – just as they are still being hurt today when they deal with any one of the thousands of typical real estate agents all clamouring to be the agent chosen to sell a home?

Well, that’s the subject of this book. I’ll show you exactly what goes on in the real estate world and how most sellers lose tens (sometimes hundreds!) of thousands of dollars when they sell. But then I’ll show you what I’ve learned – how you can make sure that whenever you sell your family home or any property, you won’t lose a cent. I’ll show you how to turn the tables on typical agents and get the price the few people ever get when they sell their homes: the highest possible price.

Read on. It’ll be worth it, I promise you.

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