1. Jill
    April 26, 2019 @ 7:24 pm

    Thankyou, very interesting article.


  2. Patrick. T. Cox
    April 27, 2019 @ 3:06 pm

    Thanks for the article, have saved it for future reference.


  3. John Blair
    April 27, 2019 @ 6:34 pm

    Interesting – thank you.
    Not very clear how to determine who is a good negotiator or not. A realtor might be able to but I suspect I cannot (an average home owner).


    • Anon
      November 4, 2019 @ 8:25 am

      As it says, ask

      “How do you know, when you bring me a buyer for my home that you have managed to persuade that buyer to offer the highest amount that they are willing to pay?”

      and make sure you are happy with the answer. Use your gut feeling, or email the answer to Neil for an opinion 🙂


  4. Nick
    April 27, 2019 @ 10:08 pm

    Very interesting article. Learned one thing: You pay NOTHING until you are satisfied with the selling price the agent asks you to accept.


  5. Stewart Bradbury
    April 28, 2019 @ 9:33 pm

    Thank you for a most enlightening article. Will save it for future


  6. Chris C
    April 29, 2019 @ 6:42 pm

    Hi Neil,
    Great to know you’re still championing the rights of home buyers & sellers.
    The knowledge I gained via your books has made and saved me thousands of dollars during house sale negotiations, from as long ago as the early 2000’s. I pass on your advice to anyone I meet who is about to enter/re-enter the housing market.
    I admire your honesty, courage and conviction.
    Thanks for all the great work you do.


  7. kieran o'callaghan
    April 30, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

    Good to see you back Neil!


  8. Brian Harvey
    May 26, 2019 @ 2:40 pm

    Great to see someone stand up in this big arena of property sales with integrity and conviction, in a world of falling moral standards, this is certainly valuable knowledge to pass on to keep a sense contentment in society in this field. Your good work is greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards


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