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  1. Peter Woods
    April 26, 2023 @ 9:52 am

    Dear Neil,
    Thanks for another wise and interesting message.
    We have a modest brick house in a middle-ring suburb in Sydney, one of only three houses, side by side, in our street, the rest are three-storey units and we have been here for nearly 40 years. We have no intention of selling, they will carry us out of here in a box. 🙂
    We get agents and developers contacting us regularly because they need three suburban blocks to build a block of units. My wife has even had bunches of flowers given to her by agents. We, origingally, bought this house (just what we always wanted), the middle one of the three, to stop the other two from being sold to developers. In 1996, the one next door came up for sale and we bought that one, too.
    Now comes the fun stuff.
    Here is the usual conversation when an agent or developer comes knocking:
    “Is your house for sale?”
    “Everything is for sale if the price is right” Ears now prick up.
    “How much do you want?”
    “You will start negotiating in eight figures”
    “Ten million?!”
    “Don’t get excited. That’s only just eight figures. And, if you want the house next door, that will be another eight figures”
    “Nobody will pay that!”
    “Good. Go away”. 🙂
    We like to tease. It is working well.
    Thanks, again, for all you do for us.
    Best wishes,


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